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Catwalk – Pipe Handling System

The Automated Power Catwalk is designed to individually index racked drill collars, drill pipe and casing into a center carrier where they can be lifted to the drill floor. It can safely and efficiently raise tubulars and other equipment such as subs, casing, logging tools or utility baskets. It eliminates the need for pickup and lay down services when running casing. With its remote controlled capability, the unit can be operated from the drill floor or from ground level. It can accommodate any tubular from pickup subs and survey tools to 24-inch casing, and for almost every rig size and configuration. The Automated Power Catwalk is simple to use and is extremely robust. It combines innovative engineering and proven manufacturing techniques to deliver a product that is designed for the optimum in personnel safety, virtually eliminating the need for manual handling of tubulars.

The Automated Power Catwalk virtually eliminates human interaction with tubulars during pickup and laydown operations. This prevents accidents during what has historically been a hazardous activity.

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