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Mud Gas Separator

The vacuum degasser, also known as a mud/gas separator is one of the first units of solids control equipment arranged to treat drilling mud. Mud Gas Separators handle a high proportion of mud solids and may experience hydrate plugging as a result of gas expansion through choke. The proven design of our Mud Gas Separator is based upon the conventional process practice, which involves a liquid seal system matched to an adequate gas vent.

The liquid seal ensures that separated gas vents safely without breaking through to the mud tanks. Should the drilling rig require a more compact solution, We can offer a trip tank based liquid seal design, whereas the trip tank can be used as a liquid seal. Alternatively, the seal may be in the form of an external U-tube arrangement.

We can supply vertical or horizontal Mud Gas Separators, both of which are fitted with internal baffles and distribution nozzles. However, the overall performance of the liquid seal is independent of these design features. Design of Mud Gas Separator in compliance with ASME Section VIII Division 1, Design of crash frame for MGS, pipe work, pipe support.

Mud Gas Separator & solids control equipment

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